"Arctic Snapshots" webinar between two field stations during 2015 field season!

APECS is organizing participants for an exciting new concept aimed at promoting the excitement of scientific research. The concept, "Arctic Snapshots", will be an online webinar between scientists (both young and senior) at two field stations in similar disciplines of arctic science. This will take the format of a 1.5 hour webinar between two field stations during the Summer 2015 field season.

The main objectives of Arctic Snapshots are:

(i) for scientists to share the excitement of their research

(ii) to promote increased networking between young and senior scientists (and potential future educational opportunities or research collaborations)

(iii) for participants - particularly young scientists - to gain invaluable experience presenting their summer work.

The presentation format will be an 8-minute "pitch" aimed at facilitating critical thought and communication about the relevance of the presenter's research. Presentations can include research methods, findings, or an introduction to the presenter's research project. Arctic Snapshots will connect two research stations, with 5 presentations per field station, totaling to 40 minutes of presentations for each station (excluding a ~5 minute question period).

APECS is currently recruiting interested participants to represent their field station and to help them plan the event. If you're interested, or know an organization that might be, please send the following information to Scott Zolkos at - zolkos@ualberta.ca

1. Your name and the field station with which you are connected
2. The field station's location, website (if applicable), and which season(s) the field station is operating
3. The field station's internet connectivity (e.g. capable of a Skype call?)

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Will you be posting this in the events section?  Can anyone attend just as a spectator, virtually speaking?

As APECS is currently inviting scientists to participate and to help them plan the event, and dates aren't defined yet, so I'm not sure if it should be posted there.

Thanks for telling me that.  I actually do the same with some live video events that, due to their easy access once a link is provided, might attract trolls and the like so I won't post links or at least restrict access to them.  Best not to post it, I agree.  I had not brought up the subject up with anyone yet but had considered emailing places like NASA to encourage them to have better log in filters for formal live video seminars.  I think I'll do that during the holidays here.


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