Berkeley SETI Research Center undergraduate research internships, summer 2018

Applications are invited for 10-week paid undergraduate research
internships at Berkeley SETI Research Center for summer 2018. BSRC is a
world-leader in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence – the quest
for a scientific answer to one of humanity’s oldest questions: Are we
alone in the Universe? Housed in the Astronomy Department at the
University of California, Berkeley, the team at BSRC leads the science
program for the $100-million Breakthrough Listen project. Our scientists
and engineers are pioneers in the development of software,
instrumentation, and science strategy for the search for intelligent
life on other worlds. We have access to substantial amounts of time on
the planet’s largest telescopes, connections to leading players in
industry, and we’re based in one of the world’s premiere astronomy
research institutions. We’re also psyched that we get to wake up each
day and hunt for aliens.

Current sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduates (including non-US
citizens) studying at a degree-granting institution in the US are eligible to
apply. Around 5 - 7 positions will be available. A stipend of
$20 / hr (up to a maximum of $8000) will be provided. Details and links
to the application form are at

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