Describe the value of the Mars exploration program in 3 words

Describe the value of the Mars exploration program in 3 words

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necessary, motivating, inspiring

fundamental, intriguing, important

Fossilized fluorescent feces.  

I couldn't resist so let me explain this one. My research deals with developing Raman Spectroscopy for identification of possible fossil-containing samples to be chosen for Mars Sample Return mission and further studies on Earth, since many believe that Mars life will most likely be conclusively detected on Earth. Also, fossilized organic matter is 10,000 times more abundant on Earth than living biomatter, so that makes the case for fossil hunting on Mars.  Raman is useful for non-destructively identifying the optimal samples for return. The younger fossils are more fluorescent than more metamorphosed ones, hence the fluorescing adjective. It is very tough to develop the right Raman system to overcome this problem -- something my research is focusing on now! And by feces I mean that young fossils (like those in my sample suite of analog Mars samples with kerogenous fossils) can contain fecal pellets - no joke! So I hope my 3 words make the case for Mars exploration!  

If we do find life, which is perhaps the most compelling reason for me for exploring Mars, it will most likely be a fluorescent fecal fossil.

You could have said "organic" ?

I am sorry to be so "picky" about your choice of terms . . . .

Organic doesn't imply biogenic. Fossilized does. Also, specifically, what I look at are kerogen grains which are degraded biotic remains, so basically fossils. 

Also, alliteration is fun!

I am glad you are immersed, happy and do well with your research. But, I (IMO?) feel there is vast difference between user-friendliness, being able to address a large, diverse internet audience and using too much jargon. Obviously, that is my opinion.


I really don't want to argue the point--but lets  just agree to disagree--agreeably?

Very educational and explained nicely! Although, I am upset that you called s***, feces. lol jp

My 3 words - just the beginning

Marvellous potential habitat (Marsvellous)  Anywhere with a similar gravity to Earth, nutrients and water is.

Audacious, Unifying, Auspicious 

Unifying, Groundbreaking, Humanity 2.0

Yeah! And its Ok to have fun too but in good taste!



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