What should humans first say on Mars?

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Thought this might be appropriate:

Letter to the first poet on Mars
   by ~TheHungerArtist, Sep 19, 2004

Do not say "red".
Avoid mention of Ares.
In fact, don't wax classical
at all.
Keep it simple.
Don't drink the water.
There isn't any.
Say there is.
Exaggerate the prospects
for terraforming.
Tell us the weather is nice.
Or, that it will be.
Wish we were there.
Tell us so.
Invent a new word
for red.
Write it.
Make a circle.
Better yet
construct a sphere.
Create a word for gravity
and place it at the center.
Empty the sky of stars.
Give us a proper beginning.
Write: "I've reached the summit
of Olympus Mons,"
and, "from this sacred height,
I can see beyond Tharsis
a world without gods
who deal in war."

"should have worn darker shoes" 


"I thought Ray Bradbury would meet me here?"

"Space for all!"

"we're here to stay as humankind"

Humankind is indeed more accurate than mankind

"That was an even bigger leap for mankind" 

Where are we of to next?  Or... where's the water ice?  Imagine being the first person to consume something from another planet!

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto" 

Aww..I love this one !! :D However, right now I'm way too excited to think of anything sensible. I guess the first person who will land on Mars will "exactly" know what to say as he/she will only have the total experience of joy,pain, happiness, success and will-power to prepare and finish such a difficult expedition. I believe it should be kept as natural and spontaneous as possible even though plannings are usually involved. Like for instance according to Wikipedia  before the moon expedition it was already decided from before that  if landing occur successfully Neil Armstrong will be the first man to land on moon as Neil had less ego.

Words and sentences can be anything (as long as it makes sense) but it's the EMOTIONS, little flaws,grammatical errors behind the words that captivate us and makes history more REAL in our history books. Then again discussions are always fun and the first person on Mars might get some tips from us and then may add something on it's own. But too bad for me, right now  I'm speechless about this ! :/


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