What would be on your mp3 playlist on your 8 months journey to Mars?

What would be on your mp3 playlist
on your 8 months journey to Mars?

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The complete works of -

Holy Bible



Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd


Only 8 months? What about entertainment for however long you live on Mars, and (assuming) for the trip home?

Since the cost per pound is so high, I don't think they'll let me take a crate of real books, so I guess I'll have to get used to E-reading. It just feels so wrong. At least 10,000 books from a variety of genres don't take up much space that way.

As for music my iPod will do: it's got everything from Anushka Shankar and AC/DC to Frank Zappa, Daft Punk and Orbital, the entire NIN catalog, Der Ring and other operas to sing along with, Holst's Planets, Beethoven, and other classy stuff, and lots of stand up comedy from George Carlin, Eddie Izzard, etc.

Movies? Can I bring along the Monty Python Flying Circus collection? And scary space movies like Alien, Outlander, Europa Report, Sunshine...

Hey, will Netflix stream out there? Lol

The entire Beastie Boys, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine collections (at least) anything with Jack White  ... MIA, Santogold and Missy Elliot for sure... oi this is hard! I have a lot of "mixed tapes" that I would include for sure to keep things interesting. Good question!

I think mine would contain a lot of classical / new age type of tunes. Maybe some works of Palestrina too. And "Cosmos" on books on tape. Having Carl Sagan's voice and the music of the show describing the reasons for exploring space while staring into the vastness of space and an ever shrinking Earth would be quite something..



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