If you had to describe Earth to an Alien, what would you say?

If you had to describe Earth to an Alien,

what would you say?

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I would say the attached - and Lone Signal ( http://www.lonesignal.com/ ) is already attempting to do so.


Also, Sanjoy: Did you have to use such a stereotypical depiction of an alien?

I would tell them to go to 4chan and wish them fare well because they would never visit after seeing it.

very hard question--it is sometimes hard enough to speak with a second or third cousin who may live 6000 miles away  ---

I guess it would take multiple ways of description--all by my example and hope to have some commonality of understanding.

Very hard w/o knowing where to start--about the only things which come to my mind is to build commonality of trust and friendship ---and hope the alien does not view me as prey or "it" to be preyed upon?

I wish I could give a better answer. . . . . ..

Has anyone seen Simon Pegg's latest movie, "The World's End?" Without giving too much away, Pegg's character Gary has a brilliant argument with an alien while drunk in a pub (as you do). Some of the funniest lines in the movie are uttered while Gary tells the alien to go away.

Is there a youtube video of that conversation? Would be great to see!

The movie is out in theaters now. I don't expect to find that clip on YouTube until it gets to DVD, but Here's a link for the movie trailer. The Hubby and I saw it Saturday with some friends. We consumed a lot of lager, and we all thought it was a funny movie.



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