What do you think is the biggest challenge to the long-term survival of the human species?

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I love that quote Mike!!!! 

I just watched a very cool video made for Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot monologue. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9TIeuBF9Ss

I think i should watch this for breakfast every morning. 

I agree with several people here about the short sightedness.  

And well said Andrew Planet. The empowerment of women seems to be the most effective way to help societies escape poverty. That and free education for everyone. 

Thank you Vicenta.  Yes, educating everyone is the only way to evolve out sacking the Earth out of its resources because otherwise uneducated humans are not aware of the finite surface area of a global ecology.  Our species, unapologetically, cannot help being derived from naturally very violent ancestors, but to survive we must not be so and our malleable neuroplasticity allows for that recent adaptation. 

I completely agree with you Dr. Som. For me the only possible way of long term survival is the understanding of our cultures, traditions and also embracing them. And these should be in our political and educational discussions. But I also have a question that why humans are intolerant to each other. What is the origin of this xenophobia? Is it hard wired/programmed to our nature(may be in our genes) or is it common in other species as well?. I hear the argument of 'competition' among races as the cause but I am not convinced.  I think understanding this cause of xenophobia might help us to suspect if there are any extraterrestrial advanced species in universe then what will be the probability that they are danger to themselves?

The necessity to life is others such as animals that or humans, need another human of opposite gender for birth. We also need water, food and oxygen
Without this, you won't have nothing to look at other cultures

On further analysis, another issue is the rampant expansion of mega-businesses and how they have influenced our daily habits. We continue to use and abuse our planet with technologies that not well tested. One case in point is the presence of micro plastics in the food chain. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, micro plastics can be found in sea life and in agricultural settings. Although, there may not be enough studies pointing to how the badly the plastics are affecting the biosphere, I fully believe that it will not be too long until understand all the repercussions. The key to our survival will, in part, depend on how we well we preserve biosphere-- and that is lesson we need to learn.

Not use nukes to killourselves for the next 100.000 years.

Biggest threat of Human is Human himself. We know it very well, that Earth is the only planet in our Solar System which have Life, rest others aren't habitable to live. The nearest planet like Earth is many light years away from us, we don't even have that technology, to build such a spaceship which can travel near to the speed of light. So, that we colonize in another habitable planet to live. 

We are destroying it, every single day. After knowing knowing everything. Strange but true. 


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