Water during Planet Formation and Evolution - Feb. 12-16, 2018, Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

12-16 February 2018


Important Dates:

Registration & Abstract submission deadline: November 15, 2017

Program announcement: Early December 2017


Topics: Water and


* The ISM and protoplanetary disk

* Dust, ice and planetesimals

* Evidence from the meteoritic record

* Laboratory experiments

* Ice lines and disk dynamics

* Solar System formation

* Gas & Ice giant planets

* Protoplanetary collisions

* Mantle-atmosphere feedback

* Observational prospects

* Population synthesis

* Biomarkers & 'habitability'


Confirmed invited speakers:


Til Birnstiel (LMU Munich)

Ilsedore Cleeves (CfA Harvard)

Jay Farihi (University College London)

Keiko Hamano (ELSI, Tokyo Tech.)

Alessandro Morbidelli (Nice Observatory)

Lena Noack (FU Berlin)

Chris Ormel (University of Amsterdam)

Laura Schaefer (Arizona State University)

Alice Stephant (Open University)


Meeting organizers:


Joanna Drazkowska (University of Zurich)

Tim Lichtenberg (ETH Zurich)

Caroline Dorn (University of Bern)

Julia Venturini (University of Zurich)


Scientific advisory board:


Yann Alibert (University of Bern)

Ravit Helled (University of Zurich)

Anders Johansen (Lund University)

Martin Jutzi (University of Bern)

Alessandro Morbidelli (Nice Observatory)

Sascha Quanz (ETH Zurich)

Maria Schoenbaechler (ETH Zurich)

Ewine van Dishoeck (Leiden University)


All information at the website: 



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