Earth in Human Hands, by David Grinspoon, is up next for the SAGANet Book Club. We'll have a reading schedule together pretty soon!

You can find Earth in Human Hands on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble (or check with your local bookstore).

Here are a couple of comments on the book from David Brin and Bill Nye:

"In a moving, personal journey, Grinspoon takes the reader from molten, planetary origins, past current crises like climate change, toward a destiny that our children may yet forge, standing on our shoulders."
—David Brin, New York Times Bestselling Author of Earth and Existence

"In his wonderful writing style, Dr. Grinspoon spells it out: A single species is inducing more profound changes to our planet than any other organism in geologic history. It’s us. If you have family and friends here on Earth, read this book. The Earth is in our hands."
—Bill Nye, New York Times Bestselling Author of Unstoppable: Harnessing Science To Change The World

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Should we start a doodle poll to figure out the best meeting options for folks? Or should we just have discussions via SAGANet

I think we should definitely poll everyone. I might see if I can get some more folks interested by posting it a few more times through Twitter and Facebook. 

I would like to join, as well. Just let me know the times and days, please.

Awesome! Thanks for letting me know John. I'll put together a Doodle Poll for everyone sometime later today or tomorrow to get the best idea of when everyone can meet online for a chat about the reading. 

I'm going to re-link the Doodle Poll here as well, to make sure everyone sees it. Please fill in the poll with your best availabilities for meeting to talk about the book. Hopefully we can find a time that fits everyone's schedule. The poll is here: (also, let me know if there are any technical issues; I'm the biggest Doodle Poll-er).

Here's a link to the Elvis Costello tune, Shipbuilding, that is quoted before the table of contents:

Here's a link to a Google Doc with a tentative schedule for reading:

Right now I have it set as one chapter per week, but if we all end up wanting to read more than that, we can always speed the schedule up as well. 

Just got through the Introduction. Even more excited for what's to come now. In the notes for the Intro he mentions conversations that are available at the Kluge Center's website. I found one that looks intriguing and will probably watch it later:

Just finished Chapter 1! That was an exciting read. I loved all of the history of research on planetary climate and atmospheres. I also definitely found some of the puns to be a pleasant chuckle :)

Hi! I am about to start the book  tonight. I hope to join on Wednesday although at the meetings time I am usually in my daily commute. Will definitely join on Sundays.

Cool! We'll be covering the same material on Wednesday and Sunday, so no need to be there for both meetings. I figured having two would be nice to give people multiple options.


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Earth in Human Hands, by David Grinspoon, is up next for the SAGANet Book Club. We'll have a reading schedule together pretty soon!You can…Continue

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