This is a space for discussing our upcoming book, Pale Blue Dot! Really looking forward to reading this with you all :)

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Awesome! I'll attach the PDF copy of Pale Blue Dot here. Of course, everyone should try to purchase a copy if they don't have one already (mine is falling apart from being read so vigorously!). Here's a link to the Amazon page for the book (you can get a used one for about $5).


Let's get this thing moving forward. I've been traveling a lot this summer (I've only been home for one week in the past month!) and I have another trip next week, but we should really get going. Pale Blue Dot is an awesome read and well worth the time. Would anyone be down for setting a reading schedule that gets us all started either this week or next?

Hi all! Yes! Let's get this ball rolling... (I say this as I'm leaving for vacation). The doodle poll yielded inconclusive results, as in everyone's schedules were not lining up. Overall, it looked like evenings were best for everyone. Graham, could I put you in charge of finding a good time for meetings since I'm going to be out of communication much of the next two weeks? I just got my book in the mail! LET'S DO THIS!

For sure. I need to hear back from others, but otherwise I can try to start the ball rolling. 

Looking forward to our Book Club chat about the beginning of Pale Blue Dot. We should spend some time first figuring out the upcoming schedule for readings. 

Excellent first meeting everyone! Looking forward to next monday at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern for chapters 2-5! 

Awesome pic! Great talk. Stoked to read and chat more together!

Here's a pretty sweet read from Universe Today about the age of humanity as a species

I wanted to find the history of the quote that Sagan used to start the introduction (the quote from Rilke's Fifth Elegy). I managed to find this English version of the 3rd through 5th elegies:

I might have to purchase the audiobook of Pale Blue Dot as read by Carl Sagan. I found a Youtube playlist that has the first five chapters. It's incredible to listen to Sagan reading this great work.

I'll post up a Google Hangouts link a little bit later. Hope you've all enjoyed these three chapters (2-5) as much as I have. I forgot how strong of a stance Sagan took in arguing against our species' egotism, and how well he conveyed the need to "get over ourselves" in the face of the humbling experience of practicing science.

Definitely would be hard to describe the Aberration of Light easily (though Sagan does a decent job with his rain on a car window analogy):


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