This Forum is to discuss features. What do you currently like? What don't you like? What features did you wish SAGANet offered?

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I like having a profile page, the discussion groups, ability to integrate with FB, Twitter and having a blog space. The badges are a great idea. The fact that it says tweet via S.A.G.A.N Tweets is pretty cool :D

I don't like inactive groups :-( And the OCD in me does not like the inconsistency of fonts. Also, I do not know what GIFT does. I dont like that I cannot see who "hearted" my status.

I wish SAGANet offered: 

  1. An awesome "Welcome to SAGANET" email to anyone who joins. 
  2. more pictures of things - e.g. the new 
  4. this question for new members: how would you like to contribute to our cause? (mentor/book club/social media/just here to learn/blogger/outreach/other...) and then actually follow up on that interest... could be hard for every new member though, so you could direct them to an appropriate contact e.g. say I checked mentor when I was making a profile- so send me a link to join the mentoring group, so even if they do not get action right away, they can browse old discussions etc and feel connected and maybe the group will have more information.

A welcome email is an awesome idea!!!!

I also agree about inactive groups - I think they are really confusing for new members especially, who will look through a lot of groups to find only a few that are active and may loose interest before finding them. 

So, maybe with the new site we can put a cap that if a group is not active (by some yet to be specified measure) for a certain amount of time (6 mo?) the group is terminated? We'll also need a better way to get similar groups together, there is a lot of re-inventing the wheel in our current group structure and it'd be awesome if those folks could have a better way to find one another. 

We could also do a better job of getting people together regionally. There are a lot of great regional groups on SAGANet but I am not sure that all members from those regions know about it. Maybe when new members join they can be directed join their regional group to connect locally with members. I think this could help a lot with enacting "think globally, act locally" change through SAGANet by connecting members to provide opportunity for meaningful impact in their own communities. So maybe regional groups should be an entirely separate category from the rest?

Absolutely agree with the 6 month cap.

Group moderators should get an (warning) email at 6 months saying that the group and contents and members will be archived, unless there is some activity soon. Except for semester based mentoring groups - e.g. that happen FALL of every year. Perhaps the group moderator can also explain their vision for the group and how they'll be responsible for bringing content/starting discussions? (this maybe too ambitious).

A page long tutorial for group moderators on how to keep the group up and running could help. 

A bunch of suggestions, numbered so we can refer to them specifically...

1- I agree as well with a 6 month cap of group inactivity to terminate a group, after emailing the group managers.

2- There are many examples of duplicates throughout SAGANet. Getting rid of them would make everything in one place and easy to find. Examples:

2a The "discussion forum", "comment wall", and "page" features in each group seem to be duplicating each other. I'd suggest getting rid of the comment walls and pages, which aren't used as much as the discussion feature. Group members can always create "comment wall" discussion thread if they want to (which is where we could move the existing comments). And pages could be converted to pinned threads.

2b "Mentorship" stuff appears in the top bar and twice in the side bars.

2c All the side bar news could be moved to be shown as part of the flash images on the main page.

2d Currently, this flash animation shows previous logos, header images, and mottos like "inspiring the next generations" that duplicate the current permanent header.

2e Links to the calendar are all over the place, where this space could be better used by simply showing a week view of the calendar on the front page. This would get people to use the calendar more.

2f When posting a calendar event (which only few people do), I think the option to share with select contacts is unnecessary. You can always share from your profile page.

2g The "More" section on the top bar could be merged with the "About" section, once subsections like the Calendar are moved to the front page. ("More" is not very descriptive.) The "More" subsections "Astrobio orgs" can be merged with the "Blogs" and "Useful information" from the side bar and everything can be put either in the intro video/slideshow, or on the front page.

2h I understand putting things in different places helps getting them visible, but wouldn't they be more visible if there was only one instance of each (where people would know to find them) and less clutter?

3- I would like to see a feature to repeat weekly or monthly a calendar event, a la Google calendar, rather than to have to post a new event every time. However, the existing "copy event" feature comes in handy in that case.

4- Could we have the "like" and "share" buttons all on the same line? "like" doesn't need to be on its own line. While we're at it, let's put the "reply" option on the same line as well, where relevant.

5- Possibly unnecessary features:

5a Is it necessary to display the view count on all discussion pages and other items? Not many websites do that.

5b Are the gift and SAGANet credit features necessary? Do people use them?

5c Are the member badges necessary or up to date? I know Svet has been tweeting for a few months, but she does not appear in the "tweeter" member category. Same for donors (I'm sure there have been a few more with the kickstarter campaign), etc.

6- Things I love:

The file uploading feature using api ning.


7- At the bottom of my profile, there is a mismatch between the widths of the left and main columns that's causing a weird display issue. This should be fixed. In general, should the page width be resized according to screen resolution? This is especially true if accessing SAGANet from a smartphone or tablet (I don't own either so I can't tell if that's already the case.)

As a person who owns a set of eyes that don't really functional all that well (actually they never did) my main suggestion is to please use dark type on a light background! Too many sites use the reverse (like this site) , but way too many sites that do this are not really very professional (unlike this site). ...just saying. And thanx!


Oh yeah, when I signed up, the form asked for my full name, no problem, I gave it. But then it never asked for a user name? So yes, my given name is James, but everyone knows me by Jamie. So I was trying to change it in my Profile and either I missed where to dod that, or it can't be done? 

Altho, really, call me Jim, call me James, call me Jamie, just don't call me late for dinner!


As to my last comment, in the words of Gilda Radner... "Never mind." es I could the Settings, not where I would've put them, but I did find them, so thanx!

Jamie aka Jamerz



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