I am trying to find more information regarding biological diversity/soil ecology work done for phototrophic communities in cold high desert area of Ladakh region. Anyone who has looked at this or aware of research groups within India who study the same, please message me. Thanks. 

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hi Sidharth ,

As far as i know Dr Shivaji from CCMB,hydrabad has extensively worked on phsycrophilc microrganisms from polar and himalayan regions (Hamta and pindari glaciers).  He is retired from CCMB now .You could contact him. He is quite approachable.
I also have some friends who have worked on methanogens pertaining to biogas plants . Would ask them if they have some relevant information. Will keep you posted .
I am a microbiologist too , If you want we can discuss what information you require and how u want to use it.
u can mail me at preeti@bmsis.org

Thanks Preeti, check your inbox

Please also send Dr. Shivaji's contact info. thanks 


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