Meet the Team!

Meet Our Team

Gina Riggio

Graduate Student, University of Arkansas
Editor, Blue Marble Space

Gina is the newest member of the SAGANet family, providing administrative oversight for the project. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Arkansas studying Cell & Molecular Biology. Her research interests are sustainable agriculture and food safety.

Sanjoy Som

Research Scientist, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science

Sanjoy Som is a scientist, engineer, and social entrepreneur passionate about space exploration and astrobiology, and how these disciplines can increase STEM awareness and excitement among the public. To translate this passion into solutions, he founded and is the CEO of the 501c3 non-profit Blue Marble Space.

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Crystal Riley

Bio coming soon.

Marc Neveu

NASA Postdoctoral Management Program Fellow


Marc's research focuses on what makes environments friendly for life and the means to detect life in those environments. He's interested in the icy moons of the giant planets and dwarf planets like Pluto and Ceres. He has also measured the chemical needs of microbes in analogous places on Earth like Yellowstone National Park and Antarctica. Before that, he worked in the fields of aerospace engineering and prebiotic chemistry. He does his best to facilitate communication between the disciplines involved in the search for life beyond Earth using SAGANet.

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Julia DeMarines

Research Scientist, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science
Space Science Department Associate, Denver Museum of Nature & Science; Planetary Science Graduate Student, Hampton University

Julia DeMarines is an astrobiologist and science communicator. She is involved in research regarding Titan the moon of Saturn, and several education and public outreach efforts including her latest endeavor as the education officer onboard the JOIDES Resolution scientific drilling vessel.

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Svetlana Shkolyar

Postdoctoral Fellow, Carnegie Institution for Science, Geophysical Lab

Blue Marble Space Institute of Science (BMSIS) Affiliate

Svetlana holds a Physics bachelor’s degree, a Master of Arts degree in Science Mass Communication, a Master’s of Science in Space Studies, and a PhD in Geological Sciences (astrobiology concentration). Her research interest involves biosignature detection techniques on Mars using laser-based rover tools. She is also involved in several education and outreach efforts to enhance science learning through the narrative of astrobiology among the public and in the classroom. When she is not thinking about life on Mars or exciting the public about science, she enjoys salsa dancing and performing a different kind of experiment - cooking.

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Graham Lau

Director of Communications and Marketing, Blue Marble Space

Graham Lau is an astrobiologist and communicator of science. Having recently completed a PhD in geological sciences, Graham is now the Director of Communications and Marketing for Blue Marble Space. Graham gives public talks on science at venues such as museums and planetariums. Graham can be followed through his blog, A Cosmobiologist's Dream, or on his personal website,

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Sara Imari Walker

Assistant Professor, School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University
Board of Directors, Blue Marble Space; Research Scientist, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science; Fellow, ASU-SFI Center for Biosocial Complex Systems

Sara Imari Walker is an astrobiologist and theoretical physicist interested in the nature and origin of life: both here on Earth and potentially elsewhere in the universe.

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SAGANet Founders

Sanjoy Som, Sara Imari Walker, Betul Kacar, Zach Adam, Julia DeMarines, Heshan "Grasshopper" Illangkoon, Daniella Scalise, Anne Rolfe, Marni Anbar

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