THANK YOU to our partner organizations!

Blue Marble Space

You've probably come across the blue marble symbol while viewing this site and there is a reason for that.  SAGANet is an initiative under the parent organization called Blue Marble Space - a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.  The Blue Marble Space motto is "Promoting and enabling international unity through space exploration" and was founded by one of our very own admins, Sanjoy Som! Because of BMS's non-profit status, the SAGANet team is presented with more opportunities to grow this community that might otherwise be extremely challenging as a standalone organization. A BIG thanks to the Blue Marble Space board of directors and leadership council.


The NASA Astrobiology Institute

The NASA Astrobiology Institute has worked with us, advised us, encouraged us, and has greatly helped to fund the making of this site. Many of the NAI team are also very active members of this site! They greatly support our community by keeping SAGANet up to date with the most current solicitations, events, conferences and funding opportunities so everyone one the site is aware! Through our interactions with the NAI team at NASA Ames, we've forged friendships, which is truly the greatest support we could ask for! Thanks NAI team! (especially Carl Pilcher, Melissa Kirven-Brooks, Estelle Dodson, Daniella Scalice, and Mike Toillion)

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