Past Mentoring Programs

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Spring 2014

Science @ Home! has partnered with the Kyrene del Cielo Discovery Room to bring science home for the students of Kyrene del Cielo Elementary in Chandler AZ. Mentors are working with families to prepare a science project presentation for Kyrene’s annual Celebrate Learning Night and bring science to the homes of Kyrene students utilizing's virtual technologies. Learn more about the Discovery Room: DiscoveryRoom_about.pdf.

The Future is You!

Mr. Doug Corbin, teacher at the Pittsburg Community School in Pittsburg CA, uses astrobiology to get his at-risk students excited about learning. mentors are virtually visiting Mr. Corbin’s class to engage students with a combination lecture/hands-on activity on a astrobiology-related topic to enrich their regular curricular material by developing a context-driven series of classroom visits focused on building a geological timeline of Earth's history. The project will culminate with students' envisioning the future of the timeline and their place in it.

The Excelsior Science Challenge! mentors are coaching teams of 6 students from the Excelsior School in Victorville CA, to prepare a science project for school competition. Mentors are working with their mentees to prepare science project presentation and paper for the competition.


C.A.R.L. S.A.G.A.N. Celebrate Learning

Pittsburg "SAGANLab"

I-Teach on

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