The New SAGANet

Dear SAGANet Community,

We’re excited to announce new changes to SAGANet!

On August 15th, will begin transforming into a new, more powerful resource for connecting you with professional astrobiologists. To streamline the process, several existing features of the current SAGANet will be turned off.

Then, in early 2019, SAGANet will be redesigned with a brand new look and feel.

Read below for the details about these changes:

What features will be disabled?

Due to a lack of consistent use, and to reflect the new goals of the project, we will be unlinking Pages, Groups, Forums, Blogs, the News Feed, and the Event Calendar from the main page on August 13th. All of those are now under the “Community” tab. When the new site goes live in 2019, the content of these features will also disappear.

What are you changing?

The Mentoring Labs will be replaced with an Expert Panel. New features will include an expanded chat feature for broadcasts, a page of contact forms so members can reach Experts individually, and Astrobiology 101 content for newcomers looking to enter the field.

Why are you making these changes?

SAGANet was launched in 2011 by a group of astrobiology graduate students. Since then, their obligations and responsibilities have changed. Today, new leadership at SAGANet is infusing new energy and ideas into the platform! The new SAGANet is a result of this exciting transition.

How can I save my content?

We encourage you to save all your blog posts and other content you wish to keep. Copy-pasting that content into your own word processing software is the easiest. All of that content will be available under the Community link in the top menu until August 15th, 2018. Your content will not actually be deleted until January 2019.

What if I’m a scientist or graduate student?

The new SAGANet places even more importance on our scientist members! Consider becoming a SAGANet Expert to help bridge the SAGANet scientific community and the SAGANet public, including the next generation of astrobiologists by answering their questions via secure messaging on the SAGANet platform, and by adding depth to the chat room during live Ask an Astrobiologists broadcasts. Graduate students are absolutely encouraged to join the Expert Panel. Email for more information about this opportunity.

How can I provide feedback?

Please contact us if you have any feedback regarding the upcoming changes! Visit our contact page here to send us a message.

What if I want to get involved?

SAGANet is a living, breathing project. Its evolution is driven by the dedication of its members. Please reach out to us if you want to join the SAGANet Admin Team. We’re always looking for passionate volunteers.

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