Eventuality of life if habitable conditions are met.

My belief in the formation of life, with current observations taken into account, is that it is an eventuality when the habitable conditions are met. Given time and minimal resources, it is my understanding that the organized formation of life is something that will occur in any situation.

Taking Earth as the only planet with life known to exist, its early history is riddled with chaos and conditions that would never produce life as we know it. In my view the early Earth would look like any exo-planet barren of life that we have observed so far. The only difference is that a chemical and biological process occurred for a long enough period of time for it to eventually organize and create living matter. Trying to see it from that point of view, if a biological/chemical process, no matter how simple, can be initiated in a planet with habitable conditions, then the long term process for the evolution of life forms and complex beings is highly possible.

The definition of life is incredibly difficult, but this seems logical to me as an eventual process. With enough time, chaotic and disordered events need to settle down and organize into different structures. I believe that this is how the formation of living matter started.

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