Free astrobiology webinars for kids, summer 2020

This summer, Art of Inquiry hosts free space exploration and astrobiology webinars for middle-school students and their families all over the world.

Here is a list of what was covered so far, as well as an updated schedule of webinars:

The search for life in the Universe, Dr. Alex Tsapin, JPL (retired)
The history of SETI, SETIQuest editor, Larry Klaes
Exoplanets, Dr. Harold Geller, GMU
From Math Contests to Fighting COVID19, Dr. Po-Shen Loh, CMU
The history of Mars exploration, Dr. Alex Tsapin, JPL (retired)
Life beyond and on Earth, Dr. Adrian Lenardic, Rice U

Here is what is planned so far:

METI ( tentative title) - Dr. Sheri Wells-Jensen, BGSU, June 19, at 12 pm NY time
Space Habitation Systems - Greg Diderich, JSC NASA, June 19th at 3pm NY time
Living Through a Revolution: Multi-messenger Astrophysics - Dr. Roopesh Ojha, GSFC NASA, June 26th
Mars Rovers (tentative title) - Dr. Allan Treiman, Lunar and Planetary Institute, July 3rd
The search for life on Mars in XXI century - Dr. Alex Pavlov, GSFC NASA, July 10th
(TBD title) - Dr. Ethan Siegel, science author, "Starts with a Bang" Forbes contributor, July 24th
Why we should build a Moon base - Dr. Ian Crawford, University of London, July 31st

We plan to add more speakers soon. Stay tuned!

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