There have been many arguments to determine which function of life came first. The ability to use energy or the ability to record and transfer genetic information. To me it seems very contradictory to discern which one of them came first because it appears that life as we know it could not have existed without both simultaneously working.


There is no logical purpose for the efficient use of energy to exist if there was no way to transfer that information onto the next generation to replicate the process. At the same time how could the process of recording and transferring genetic information be possible if there is no energy or resource available to construct such a method?

In my understanding, it appears that both should have existed or developed in parallel to each other in order for living matter to have come about. The issue of complexity comes into question. How could both functions possible occur in early life when each by themselves is too complicated to have emerged randomly? For this I reference my first blog post where I explain why I believe life is not random, but an eventuality as long as the base elements for life exist. I believe both existed in the early development of life, but in much more simpler terms. Maybe the metabolic process could have been simple as a few steps to achieve the same outcome, and maybe RNA and genetic transfer was a much more simpler process with fewer amounts of information to transfer. But both are things I see as processes that should have occurred together, rather than separately.

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