Hello All,

I am new to the world of planetary sciences, but am looking to move down to the San Jose area to work on some projects at NASA Ames. I noticed the astronomical prices for housing (pun intended), and was wondering if anyone had any tips or leads for mildly cheaper housing in the area? I will be here for the year and hope to bike to work, or use local transit or trains. Any information is very helpful. Thanks -

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Hi Kera,

I'm a postdoc at Ames and commute on my bicycle. There is a great bike trail (Stevens creek trail) that gets you to Ames from many places south. The way to keep rent cheap is to have room-mates, and craigslist is perhaps the best way to find those. If you send me a little blurb, and I can put it on the Ames classilfields and see if that goes anywhere. What group will you be working with? -cheers


Have you looked into living at the NASA Lodge? It is still decently expensive unless you find a roommate. But very close to work. I live here right now. It would be great to have another female here!!

When are you planning to arrive? I'm also from the area and can offer you more info if you like.


Thanks Sanjoy and Amber! 

I was on the verge of rooming with someone in the area, but decided to stay at the NASA lodge instead. I'll be moving down there just after Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to starting work, and hopefully meeting you guys! I hope all is well -

- Kera



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