Does anyone know of any current Astrobiology classes/courses/programs going on now or in 2013? Or any good sources? Thanks!

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I would recommend checking out this website: - they have free online courses in a multitude of topics, including Astronomy. Perhaps you'd be able to find something on there to suit your needs? Good luck!

Yeah! I signed up for the Astrobiology class on Coursera taught by Charlie Cockell starting in January! Should be awesome :)

I guess you are taking it too. :)

Thanks, guys! 

Just signed up for the coursera class. The astrobiology course started today. Is anyone else taking it?

I'm taking it! 

me too!

I'm taking it too! Got a 9 outta 10 on the intro quiz without looking up anything... boo ya! Missed the one on the enlightenment scientist who thought moon craters were from ET's.. they have a bunch of forums on the site... i haven't checked any out... but it maybe a great place to expand our community! xo

Stoked for week 2!

There's also rumors of a reboot of Cosmos, directed/proudced by Seth Macfarlane (The Family Guy) and starring Neil DeGrasse Tyson. That's wet-my-pants exciting! I don't know if a release date has been confirmed yet...

It is quite true! Suggested release date is around spring of 2014


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