Hello everyone!

I'm a student, (Astro)biology enthousiast and gamer and I am going to work on a space-related game mod. For that, I can use all the inspiration I can get, and perhaps a few people who know I'm working on it, because I really want to finish this one, and I don't always have the motivation to push that last bit.

I hope to find a little help here. Even if it is just one suggestion, I'm happy :) Also, I hope I may post it here. I haven't been very active on Saganet so far...

The Game:
I am going to work with Skyrim, a game I know and love. Skyrim has a great creation kit that is usefull for making modifications to the game.
I'm assuming not all of you know the game, so a short explanation:
Skyrim is made by Bethesda and was published in 2011. It is a fantasy role play game where the player controls one character. The game takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim, hence  the name of the game. The setting is very nordic, with viking-ish towns and architecture. There's magic, dragons and swords everywhere.
The game is very much focussed on exploration. You can go pretty much everywhere in the massive world. If you have patiance, you can climb the highest mountains and dive to the bottom of the sea.

The mod(ification):

A space mod for Skyrim may seem strange based on the description that I have given. However, there once lived a race in Skyrim that is called the Dwemer (or dwarves). They were ahead of their time and built mechanical spiders, robots and giant guarding centurions. These robots are still 'alive' and functional, even though the Dwemer themselves have completely disappeared.
In this mod, the player will be able to find a Dwemer rocket which takes them to one of Skyrim's moons.

On the moon:
There will be an abandoned space station on the moon that the Dwemer used. The player can rebuild it once they arrived on the moon.
Another thing I want to include is a large, underground cave with a sea or lake. It is there that I can place the moon-flora and -fauna and where I can really put some creativity into.

I need help:
I want to make this mod as plausible and realistic as possible, within the fantasy and lore of the game itself. There are a few things that I would like to know, but I am also looking for random inspiration and funny facts about space and astrobiology.
- Could there be a denser atmosphere inside a cave than out on the surface?

As mentioned, I want to make a cave with life. The surface is not going to have a dense atmosphere so that the player needs a space suit, but is it possible that a cave on such a planet has a denser atmosphere? Possibly also with more moisture in the air?

- Do you hear anything from outside a spaceship?
I know/have heard that you don't hear explosions in space, but you probably will hear bits of debris hitting the spaceship, would you? (also other debris than from explosions, as I don't think explosions will feature heavilly)

- How hard would it be for a low-gravity creature to come back to Earth-gravity?
Skyrim is Earth, but with magic. The moon is smaller and so presumably has a lower gravitational force. My idea is that the Dwemer took some pets with them to the moon, and into the cave, where they still live. If the player decides to take one of the pups with them back to 'Earth', what would happen to the creature? And what would happen with an adult one?

Thank you so much for your time! I hope to make this mod as realistic and possibly also educational as I can, while staying within the lore of the game. A big task, but I already know I'm going to enjoy it :D

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