Please introduce yourself, where you are from, and a little bit about you. 

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Excellent to see so many new faces!


I am Benu Atri. I am from India, currently, a graduate student in Houston, Texas.

I zap mutant bacteria with UV to understand their ability to deal with stress. I am also studying fitness in microbes. I am very interested in Evolutionary Biology and Astrobiology. I stumbled upon SAGANET through FB. I think this is an excellent place for me to learn a lot about young budding scientists in the field of Astrobiology. I look forward to learning from each one of you.

Welcome Benu! Great to have you join the community!

Hi, fellow starship pilots! My name is Kevin Fitzgerald. I live in Vernon, Connecticut, USA. I'm a freelance science writer and I hope to get involved with writing about astrobiology. Joining SAGANet is a way to help in this endeavor. Currently, I'm co-authoring a book about the past, present, and future of Madagascar.

I'd also like to get to know people who work in astrobiology and related fields. 

When I grew up, there were no planets discovered orbiting other suns. Now there are around 2,000. It's just a matter of time before astrobiologists find worlds with life, I assume by spectrographic analyses of their atmospheres. So it's a great time to be an astrobiologist, and to write about the field.

Another of my interests is designing, drawing, and describing alien life forms (plant, animal, both, neither). Doing so focuses on four of my great loves: art, writing, science fiction, and living nature.

Welcome Kevin! You'll find a lot of great resources and even greater people on SAGANet to help you with your forays into the field! - cheers

Thanks for your hearty welcome, Sanjoy Som. I look forward to some lively discussions on SAGANet. Please read my reply and thanks to Sara Walker and my profile below. 

Welcome to SAGANet Kevin! Sounds like you have a diverse set of interests - you should feel right at home here.

P.S. - I grew up in Coventry CT, so not to far from Vernon :)  

Thanks for your heartfelt welcome, Sara! I feel at home here already. And Coventry is a nice, rural town.

Some more information about me:I have a B.S. in Biology (University of Hartford, CT). I've written for the following: 

Journal Inquirer Newspaper, Manchester, CT (living nature, wildlife, environmental, astronomy, science events); University of Connecticut: “Traditions” (alumni magazine), “Advance” (weekly campus newspaper); Newsletter of the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History (geology, biology); Online Magazine, Stamford, CT; Online Magazine, Stamford, CT; NESS (New England Skeptical Society) for online "NESS Encyclopedia of Skepticism";, Boston, MA; (life sciences, geology); Grzimek Encyclopedia of Animal Life; Gale Encyclopedia of Neurological Disorders; Encyclopedia Americana, Scholastic Edition Online. 


Adaptive evolution of Hawaiian biota; Botanical expedition to Cameroon with Earthwatch;

Botanical expedition to French Guiana (member) with New York Botanical Garden; Dr. Scott Mori; How plants and animals survive winter; Lichen biology;

Medicinal plants of Nicaragua; Native carnivorous plant species of Connecticut (12 sp);

Mars; Electricity; Satellite technology; Tethered Cord Syndrome; The Diencephalon;

Eggs as Engineering Feats; Solar Green Flash; Army ants and "guest" parasite species;

Biology of naked mole rats; Chinese feathered dinosaurs exhibit at Yale-Peabody Museum; Pineal gland and evolution of the pineal complex; Hummingbird hitchhiking mites; Kakapos (near-flightless parrots of New Zealand); Extinct giant lemurs of Madagascar; Mite biology and ecology; Sleep apnea; Snowball Earth; Giant squid biology; Tiger beetles.




Hi all,

My name is Brittany Hill and I'm currently a graduate student in data science at the Universidad de Granada in Spain, but I got my bachelor's in astronomy in California. I'm currently working with data processing projects on astronomy topics where possible in my master's program -- right now I'm playing with the old Hipparcos stellar catalogue but hopefully I'll get a chance to try out my idea for habitable zone planet formation predictions that I've had bouncing around in my head. I have a fairly strong biology background (albeit not beyond undergrad classes) and I'm looking forward to getting to know more people in astrobiology, planetary science and astronomy in general. When I happened across SAGANet in my interweb meanderings I just knew this would be a good place for me.

Since studying in a master's program doesn't exactly pay the bills, I'm also an English teacher, specifically EFL (English as a Foreign Language), in the public school system here in Spain. A lot of what I do is teach science to my students using simple English so I already have a good bit of first-hand experience in basic science education. In my free time (HA!) I also enjoy learning foreign languages, traveling, video games, eating good food, running, anything related to technology or computers, and stuff.

Anyway, to sum all that up, I'm happy to be here and with any luck I'll actually have enough time to interact with all of you here.

Welcome to SAGANet Brittany! I'm envious of your living in Granada! What a gorgeous city. I'm hoping you'll find SAGANet an engaging place to share and learn! - cheers

Thank you! Yes, it's certainly a beautiful city but I haven't done much beyond walking around and seeing some of the more famous landmarks. I'm hoping to get a chance to get out and explore it more.

As a side question, are there any resource lists here recommending textbooks or papers for astrobiology/astronomy topics (habitability of planets, non-carbon based life, planetary formation, etc.) here on SAGANet? Or is that something to start a new discussion for?

Hi Brittany,

Nothing officially, no, but that's a good idea! Are you thinking more general astrobiology type topics, or topic peer-reviewed papers. The latter will be harder to maintain as there are lots coming out all the time. However, a general list of good astrobiology books would be a useful addition to the site!



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