Please introduce yourself, where you are from, and a little bit about you. 

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Well, I was primarily thinking of books and they should probably be kept separate from the papers, but there are certain areas in astronomy and astrobiology that don't move quite as fast as other areas. Certainly any landmark or particularly definitive papers should be listed somewhere. It might actually be worthwhile to have a discussion thread for books and then we can start a different one for papers and see if it gets unwieldy. Should this be done in a discussion (as opposed to any other type of forum on the site that I don't know about)? Eventually once it gets mostly fleshed out it could be included in some kind of non-discussion resource on the side tabs and then the discussion could just be for edits, since long discussions are not easy to navigate and I'm guessing it won't change that much/that fast beyond the initial list creation.

Hello Brittany! Welcome! I echo Sanjoy and think this is a great idea. A discussion forum for books would be a great place to start. Once there is a good list running there we can definitely give it a more featured permanent home somewhere on the site as a reading list recommended by members. And we definitely could then we could do one for papers too! 

Hello SAGANet,

My name is Matt Chamberlain. I will be graduating from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA in a few weeks with a double BS in Biology and Psychology.

I've been obsessed with the cosmos since I was young and I've always been in awe of the endless possibilities and potential discoveries it holds. I dream of the day when we manage to find new life out there.

After graduation I am hoping to gain experience in the working world before pursuing further education. One of my ultimate goals is to find a way to work in the field of Astrobiology and research the possibilities of life in the cosmos. Research on the origin of life and evolution and their implications for life in space are huge interests of mine.

SAGANet seems like a great place to stay connected and up to date on developments in the field. If anyone has any advice for someone just starting out on how and where to pursue research in Astrobiology, I would greatly appreciate any help! I look forward to watching developments in this field in the coming years!

Hi Matthew, welcome to SAGANet! I actually wrote a little piece about being a professional astrobiologist here: Maybe this is useful? Happy to answer more questions! - cheers



Ask your questions here!

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