Join the Astrobiology India Project for BMSIS Young Scientist Program

Astrobiology India has announced a project for college students to join the Young Scientist Program of Blue Marble Space Institute of Science.

Project Title - "Astrobiology and Space Science in India"

Project Description

Astrobiology India, an initiative of Blue Marble Space, is aimed to encourage and promote awareness of Astrobiology and Space Sciences in India and to bring together the Indian Astrobiology community worldwide. The Young Scientist Program intends to promote the vision and mission of Astrobiology India by offering an opportunity to a student to conduct a study of the past, present, and future of space science and astrobiology research in India. Specifically, the student would carry out the in-depth literature study of the historical development and present scenario of space science and astrobiology research in India. The report will discuss the foundation of Astrobiology India, its goals, contributions, identification of possible challenges in the popularization of space science and astrobiology in India, potential solutions, and recommendations for the development of this enterprise. The student’s activities in this project would also focus on the scientific research and outreach aspects of the NASA Spaceward Bound India 2016 expedition. The student will be expected to present their study (report and presentation) at NASA Spaceward Bound India 2016 meeting in New Delhi. Applications for this project are encouraged from highly-motivated students who are interested in education and outreach and strategic planning of non-profit entrepreneurial venture. While working on this project, the student is expected to learn to conduct an effective literature review, approaches to write an entrepreneurial report, and strategies for science communication and public engagement.

We invite students to apply for the project and participate in BMSIS Young Scientist Program!

Application Deadline - March 31, 2016

For more information about eligibility criteria, application process and program requirements please visit BMSIS Young Scientist Program's website:

Astrobiology India -

NASA Spaceward Bound India 2016 -


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