The Mars Science Laboratory lands August 5th, and like many of you we are both excited and nervous!!! 

Know of a really great Mars Science Lab landing party in your area? Or just want a space to share your anxiety as we await news of safe landing? Share resources, your plans for, and thoughts on this historic event here! 

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I will be attending and helping out at the Curiosity Landing party at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science with lot's of friends!! Even some Saganistas such as Emily Knowles, Kennda Lynch and David Grinspoon :)

I'm pretty nervous about the landing bit... but I have faith in the scientists and engineers that helped designed the instruments. My boss (David G) and I are helping out in the Education and Public Outreach of one of the instruments on MSL called RAD (Radiation Assessment Detector) - we would be tickled red (get it? for mars?.. bah ha) if you would check out our facebook page. Like us for updates on the this instruments status! 

I'm volunteering at the NASA Ames event, and like Julia I'm a little nervous for the landing. Knock on wood!

The grad students at RPI are working on a low key thing, probably involving pizza.

Greetings, SAGANers,

Here at ASU, our own Phil Christensen has a pretty awesome facility dedicated to Mars, the Mars Space Flight Facility, also called the Mouer Building (with repicas of most of the rovers and live Mars footage, which naturally attracts lots of school groups!). While we generally get together here Fridays for a happy hour called Mars Bar to celebrate Mars and, well...the weekend, this Sunday our School of Earth and Space Exploration department will be getting together here to watch NASA TV on the projector and share in the excitement of the landing!

I'm also doubly excited because I will be rooting for several of our ASU professors, including my own "Rock Star" professor Jack Farmer, who are team scientists and will be on Mars time for the nominal mission for 3 months. 

Let's hope the spirit of Mars Bar makes its way to this event Sunday night because we will need lots of beer to celebrate the event...I hope... :)    

Also, I've read that Mars Odyssey was repositioned to relay MSL data ( only 14 minutes after landing! I hope this is still true...  



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