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- Heather, Gavriil, Ken, John and I have been gathering information on certain exo planets and biological parameters. We are mainly looking at Kepler 62e and 62f (The moon Europa is dangling at the moment lol) these articles will help get you up to date -

Scientific References: Provided by Gavriil



Next we will be organizing this data and trying to discover any left out details to get a better understanding of what type of environment our organism would be originating from.

Once this information has been gathered into one piece, we will start creating the story line of our life form based on it.



I would like to put together a group project for willing volunteers. The project will be based on the design and anatomy of space thriving organisms (meaning they live directly in space at 0 gravity) and also life on other exo planets. Each creature will have it's own story of how it got there/it's evolutionary process, why it has adapted the way that it is and at last it's physical components. We will be studying different unearthly habitats and comparing to that which we already know (and a little imagination) to try and figure out what organisms we could come up with.  It will take a lot of research, a lot of imagination and many brain babies.

In the end I will paint each alien/organism on my graphics designing laptop.

Dates will be posted for live video chats, and we can also create a discussion board.

*Current Organisms being worked on, post your ideas below and we can debate to add them to the list:*

We will work on 2 at a time-


(When you leave a comment, make sure and talk about which exo planet/moon we should decide on.) I am sure there is some exciting planets with similar yet bizarre resemblances when compared to Earth. We could also do a moon like Europa. Once we decide I will add the Planet below and then we can start creating the creature.  **once again, post your planet/moon of choice when you comment**


Feel free to rip this apart, I love brutal criticism. But here I will start adding theories and story of the space dwelling creature.

1. The creatures introduction to space - First things first, I want to start off with an explanation of how the creature would have gotten to space and why. Did it get their naturally? Or was it an intelligent life form that chose to first inhabit space in vehicles and for one reason or another ended up abandoning them after some fashion of adaption to space's brutal climate.

A natural space introduction to the organism

A good natural explanation I heard is that it was a very resilient creature like a tardigrade but it's planet was hit by a large meteorite, releasing chunks of the planet into space. What's left of the planet could've still contained an atmosphere for years to come but slowly it would have dissipated giving the left over surviving life forms from the meteorite impact, enough time to adapt. The resilient tardigrade-like creature could have slowly adapted and evolved through generations, until it's final introduction to space.

That is just one idea, feel free to add more to the space introduction. This is just the beginning of the creature, there are still several dynamics to consider in creating the organism. But first I would like to hear every ones ideas for it's introduction.

An unnatural space introduction to the organism

My guess is that if an intelligent life form was smart enough create spaceships than it wouldn't be longing to somehow evolve to the brutal conditions of space when it could easily use it's technology for making more spaceships to live in. But then again I am sure we could all thing of something - maybe the species could've finally inhabited space to where after many generations it's bodies adapted to the 0 gravity and it also could have come from a very cold planet making it already closely resilient to the temperatures of space. Yet there is still many dynamics left to consider of how & why it adapted to space and abandoned it's ships. There is a lot to think of in this area.

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Yay! Thank you Sanjoy!


So after talking to a few ladies & gents from various locations in the U.S. and word got spread around about this group I found us a couple of people who want to join in. They agreed to a video chat meeting if you guys are down.

Also I found more info for us that Mr.Borucki referred me to, its about 28 pages in the Science Journal, starting on page 587. It cost $20 so I am thinking I will just pay for it and then email it to yall if I can. Supposedly it has everything there is on the Kepler system that was written straight from the team who set it up.

So yeah when would be a good time for everyone, I can do it whenever on whatever (skype, here, google+) anything works.

Wednesday is perfect. What time should we meet? I am open for all day but I should have a time for the others to know. Also, do you guys have skype/google +?

Thanks Jordan! I have appointments on Mon and Tues this week. Is Wednesday a good day for everyone?
I think I remember Ken saying something about lunchtime or evenings being good for him (Pacific time). Maybe we should try for noon (Pacific) on Wednesday?

By the way, the article Mr.Borucki was telling me about ended up being the same article that you provided Gavriil. Are you a member of AAAS?

Hi ADG, how are things progressing? What resources do you need? This is a great forum!



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