RE: Sequestration problems? Science and professional ethics

I am calling attention to the sequestration cuts that many scientists will be facing--in the coming months. I received word of this possibility after reading the blog --written by Starstryder. As fellow colleague, I ask that you read the blog at


Here is the URL for the Blog:



I am humbly requesting that this post be read and discussed.


John A Jaksich

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Thanks John,

It's hard to say exactly at this stage what will be cut but I agree that it is concerning. That NASA memo was not signed, so let's not haste conclusions at this stage. Let's hope for the best. What unfortunate times we live in though, that such thoughts exist.. - cheers

Good points, nice to hear someone with confidence--


It's so kind of you to put this John. This is really very unfortunate what US congress has decided to legislate as perceptible drop in scientific interactions and communication may take place at international stage due to this sequestration. Specially, it is very sensitive issue for those who have their jobs at stake, I understand. I got some details on how this sequestration is going to impact NASA that I want to share here:

Another aspect of this issue, what NASA spokesman Bob Jacobs responded to NBC news’ inquiry, is also need to be considered. He said, “It's important to point out that it's a suspension, not a cancellation. We are taking prudent steps to ensure the resources expended on outreach activities are done so wisely. Mission activities and much of the existing news and information dissemination is not likely to be impacted, including our successful social media efforts. However, it is important in this constrained fiscal environment to pause and assess how the money is being spent on a wide variety of outreach activities, many of which are funded by independent projects and programs. We are not cancelling anything yet. We are being financially responsible by pausing long enough to review activities before they go forward." 

I think there is always a ray of hope amid misfortunes, we must have it and be willing to find the way forward. 


Thanks for the post--I definitively see your point.

I wonder about those of us who don't have the same opportunities (as us) and may be left behind. I guess those are the reasons budgetary constraints on technology make no sense to me. 



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