Would you go on a one-way trip to Mars?

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I am not sure I would be the most appropriate person by the time my kids grow to self supporting age, but if they asked me to go at that point in my life I would definitely do it.

Yeah I would have mixed feelings about a one way too. I think if I had finished all that I wanted to do on Earth and needed an extra challenge, then indeed it would make sense.

It's weird you know, like of course they can provide a survivable habitat for us on mars but you can't forget all the other variables that exist such as the magnetic fields of earth that we've evolved in. Also will there be bio-domes with forest habitats for us spend time in? I feel like the forest gives us grounding, what would it be like to live under neath fluorescent lights and live in capsules your whole life? Will people go insane? 

Regardless, I would probably go. hahaha

I think what would help us in the option of maximising space is to send people that are really tiny in stature but still representative of general human morphology and developed intelligence.  Apart from minimising use of resources there would be far more living space if we invested on astronauts half the normal size to colonise other worlds.  Perhaps the human species has indeed encountered an environmental pressure that will cause us to evolve into smaller organisms.  

I reckon people would not go insane if they had to live in an ecology totally sustained by technology.  I recall the marvel of finding photosynthetic algae and ferns thriving in human made tunnels that had only ever been illuminated by the lights of fluorescents and think that if plants can survive so why cannot we, oxygen dependant as we are?  Fluorescents replicate their spectrum near that of the Sun quite well I've been told.  All we'd have to do is build spherical fluorescents and place them higher up than our heads and hey presto, would we able to notice the difference much as long as the ambient temperature were comfortable to live in?

I'd only ever go on a one way trip to Mars to attempt to create a self sustaining base there, not to die when resources run out.  Because of a lack of a magnetosphere we'd have to quickly burrow underground to shield ourselves from incoming radiation.  I'd rather send a bulldozer with a wide capsule size drilling bit to Mars rather than anything else in terms of making it habitable to humans.  If we were to scout for solid rock structures prior to the latter we would find ourselves with more room to live in at less of a cost than of sending several human habitat modules.  Solid rock of a non porous nature would be quite easy to seal.  I think that a one way trip to Mars without aiming to create a self sustaining long term colony is economically irresponsible.  Our species has not yet guaranteed its own self sustainability on Earth which it should focus on, always bearing in mind some possible planet killer asteroid impact we are not technologically prepared for, yet.



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