Which online resource do you use to get your space exploration updates?

Which online resource do you use to get your

space exploration updates?

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I get my general science updates from sciencedaily.com but they always have post related to space exploration.

If anyone knows better places I would love to find out.

I tend to start with some of my favorite blogs--that is followed by my membership issues of Astrobiology--which is followed by the e-print server--or Ads Harvard server--


I tend to my make my "rounds" in that general method--It tends to work for me, so far :)

Google+, S.A.G.A.N., twitter, facebook, in order of most informative exploration updates though it wasn't always in that order.  Originally there was only facebook (Google searches before that), then came twitter which was quickly superseded by Google+ and that's how I got to S.A.G.A.N..  What's good about the news information outlets like S.A.G.A.N. is that you get the latest info plus what's archived fed right up to your face, all the time filtered by one's own positively subjective selection.  Really where i get to meet more people live seems to tally with what media I use most and I do relish on having a wide scientific subject basis for using mostly, even though i greatly enjoy and use S.A.G.A.N. which is an astrobiological specialist version of facebook.   Specialisation has its merits and thanks for introducing me to NASA astrobiology, of the creme de la creme of high class video information for me  (Got to finish a video i left half way by this week)



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