What do you aspire to be and how can SAGANet help?

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Great question Sanjoy! There are so many things I *hope* to aspire to be... I am really interested in pursuing a PhD or another masters degree... i'm actually quite torn between continuing in the sciences and diverging into science education/media/art/communication. All of the opportunities that are posted on SAGANet keep me in the know of what's out there, what I am eligible to apply to as well as a calender of when things are due.

Being an admin of SAGAN...starting a science fueled social networked has definitely advanced my peg one notch in my pursuits of science education and communication. Creating a network with an awesome group of friends that provides a platform for limitless collaboration and information flow, is simply priceless. I cannot wait to see where this unique tool goes!

It may be especially important to me to pass on my love of science. Otherwise, my objective may sound a little tangential. My two-cents worth would be to leave a positive, lasting impression upon those most affected by my life's objectives--- whether it be writing, research, teaching, or living an exemplary life by doing those activities.The activities at S.A.G.A.N. are opening new avenues to better understand the role of astrobiology and how to  communicate it to the general public .

I aspire to find ways to combine the fun of discovery with the hard work of pushing the boundaries of what people think is possible when it comes to life and living in our Universe. I really want to use SAGAN as an outlet for having fun with people inside and outside of the astrobiology community.



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