Did the Russian meteorite event increase your awareness of living in a Solar System, rather than living on Earth?

Did the Russian meteorite event increase your awareness of living in a Solar System, rather than living on Earth?

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Not particularly.  But I am something of an edge case.

I had never thought of it with this perspective. I just hope it encourages a better understanding of our surrounding "spaces" instead of superstition and non-scientific understanding of meteorite impacts. It might take a trip to space for me to truly understand my place in the universe... or at least our Solar System. 

I think I already was aware of living in the solar system to a higher level than most, but I think it definitely increased the level of interconnectivity that I perceived between my everyday life here on the surface and the everyday events of stuff flying around our planet. It definitely makes you think when you realize that an event like the Tunguska explosion in Siberia in 1908 and the recent meteorite event might even be a once-per-generation event, akin to a really strong earthquake or hurricane.

But then you realize that earthquakes and hurricanes have much more stringent natural/physical limits and even some degree of forecasting that enable damage mitigation, and the thought of once-per-generation meteorite explosions comparable to nuclear detonations becomes pretty provocative.


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