Chang'e 3 just launched and will land on the lunar surface on December 14. What are you thoughts on doing astrobiology on the lunar surface? What experiments would you do?

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A year or two ago, a study came out that suggested Phobos and Demos could harbor fossil life, since material from the martian surface dots both of these objects...and a lander/rover could attempt to identify them.  I think, if those who would want a mission to Phobos/Demos for astrobio purposes, try and look for fossil life on the moon.  First, we know life is on Earth and if material transfer is possible, then potentially micro fossils could transfer as well.  

As far as the Moon being habitable?  Less likely...but some blown off Earth rocks with fossils in them landing on the Moon's surface?  Maybe...

I'd prioritise looking for water to eventually obtain fuel and oxygen for future settlements

Speaking of the moon, have you guys seen this?

Do you think that would interfere with doing experiments on the moon?  Obviously the project is a long ways off in the future, but it is something to think about now. 


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