What design features do you like or don't like? Are there websites you particularly like and wished SAGANet emulated?

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Menus and such: Have Sciworthy as a tab on top. The ticker is way down at the bottom right now. Could move MEMBERS to the top in a dropdown and instead have BLOGS and SCIWORTHY as main tabs. A UPCOMING EVENTS tab in the main tabs. DONATE in the main tabs.  Or Home could be on top right and About Us be the 1st tab. Useful information could be a tab in the Menu. Same goes for  "Talk to an Astrobiologist" archive,  Jobs/Postdocs/Student opportunities (add!), FAQ's. Lastly, clicking on my name takes me to MY PROFILE, so that's one thing you can remove from MENU.

Can Latest Activity have the Like functionality without going to that person's profile page. Implementation: Hovering over a status to display more details like FB - avoid having to click the status, open a page, read and then go back to continue reading latest activity.

Wonderful suggestions, thank you Benu! Please keep them coming :)

Instead of having email notifications for everything, do something along the lines that facebook does, have like a notification bar at the top of the page or on your profile. That way it prevents giant amounts of emails. 

I do think that SAGANet would be well-served to emulate content aggregators like reddit and voat.co. I've long-wished for a website that would allow for a free-form discussion regarding certain astrobiology topics that would serve as a clean, active repository of information, much in the way that wikipedia is a living encyclopedia. I envision it much like subreddits currently operate, reddit.com/r/astrobiology for example. People post articles, discuss events, provide mentoring advice, and it's all searchable, all the discussion, all of the advice.

For someone with a cursory knowledge of the field, but a strong interest, these kinds of resources are invaluable, if I have ideas about mathematical models and the origins of life, if I could post to a specific subdomain with that as a displayed banner, asking questions (sort of similar to stackoverflow I suppose too) and getting feedback, my fluency in that subdiscipline would become much stronger much faster, knowing the right terms, getting recommendations for up to date papers, that kind of thing. 

If this was the case, I imagine that each of the subsidiaries of Blue Marble could possess their own subdomains that were easily linked to, at the header as Benu suggested. What are your thoughts on this?

Great suggestions so far!

I like Benu's suggestion of a current events tab! I think that would be a big help. I also think organizing a calendar that is exclusive for SAGANet events separate from the broader astrobiology community events we advertise could be a big help. This ideally should be something that users can edit. In example, it might be that someone wants to broadcast their seminar at 7pm on Wed., it'd be cool if they could go to the SAGANet events calendar, see if that slot is available on our Livestream channel, then add their content in that slot if it is, such that the update also populates a calendar the entire community can see.

Also, along the lines of what Palmer suggests I've heard from a number of folks that organizing content by discipline would be a big help for them. I think this is a great idea! but not sure the best way to implement it.

Ha! Probably the calendar suggestion should go in the features discussion!

All great comments! I would like to suggest new menu arrangement (main menus & sub-menus) for the website. I have tried to integrate all the current features of the website in this menu design and more features can be added further. 

1.     Welcome! (front page with a slider, intro video, and website highlights)

2.     Home (this tab should be directed to About)

        2.1  About

        2.2  Meet The Team

              2.2.1    Executive Board

              2.2.2    Board of Advisors

        2.3  Partners

 3.     Members 

         3.1  My Profile

         3.2  Blogs

         3.3  Forum 

4.     Education (kind of zone for all educational activities & resources on SAGANet)

        4.1  Mentorship

        4.2  Mentors

               4.2.1    Meet our Mentors

               4.2.2    Mentor Experience

               4.2.3    Become a Mentor

        4.3  Programs

              4.3.1    Past Programs

              4.3.2    Current Programs

        4.4  For Educators



 6.     Resources

         6.1  Interest Groups

         6.2  Image Gallery

         6.3  TTA Archive

         6.4  Study Astrobiology

         6.5  Astrobiology Organizations

         6.6  Videos

         6.7  Event Calendar

         6.8  Privacy Policy

         6.9  FAQ

7.     Support 

(I suggest a separate tab for Support to emphasize it and encourage people to support the initiative)

8.     Contact Us

(Again, I think Contact Us should be among the main menu tabs so that people don't have hard time in finding out how to and who to contact. I see there are 2 Contact Us pages, one in Mentorship tab and second in More tab and both are similar. So, I think there should be a single page dedicated to let people know who to contact for what purpose, instead of mentioning different email ids at different places on the website. I think this should make it more clear.)


I like the color scheme and font style of the current website. Also, I forgot to mention in Polls, I like NASA JPL website - crisp & clear! http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/ and I really wish that the next generation SAGANet website could adopt such interactive theme, slider detailing, incorporating such a large content precisely and beautifully.

Moreover, I like what Benu said about Latest Events. It could be both as main tab OR in the sidebar as a main feature or feeds, so that one can access the latest events/news/updates via inner pages as well. Sidebar should be visible from all pages. 


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