Evolving how humans can project their universal signal by drawing conclusions from searching for life

Throughout the course of the last two weeks we as a class have looked through contextual evidence and examples from history to provide an understanding over the importance of astrobiology as well as forming a definition/theory of life.  As discussed in class, having a definition for life, we as a species can begin to form the parameters to begin the search for extra-terrestrial life as well as habitable systems that may be prosperous for life to form. I propose that as a class we have generally looked at and focused on one side of extra-terrestrial communication:  what do we, as humans, look for and how do we perform the searches for life. I question how can we use the knowledge from forming a definition/theory of life and searching for extra-terrestrial life to help project our own worlds presence into the unknown and to the possibility that if other worlds are advanced enough to search for extra-terrestrial life themselves how can we increase /manipulate the fermi’s equation for them to find evidence of us.

Within the first reading Schiaparelli’s observations over Mars was able lead him to the conclusion that there is or once was life on Mars through the topography of the land. Although it was proven that many of his mapped canals were false by Mariner 9. It leads to the thought that, if the canals helped the emerging curiosity of man from earth, would similar instances happen to other life? Would it be possible to replicate the signs of life that we had looked for out in other planets to create a universal map back to earth? Would all signs of life have to be topographical such as the canals? Although in the short term of the terraforming it would be a bigger signal to other emerging space-searchers than changing the chemical makeup of the planet, what about the long term for a single planet.

Could a planet be used like a buoy? From the missions to Mars and the three tests, by beginning to understand a planets environment and the habital conditions of the planet, could it be possible to re-introduce chemicals or micro-organisms that could be suited to a specific planets environment that could last as a stable sign of life for that planet or that surrounding planets have visited it. Although terraforming and reaching other planets outside of the universe is currently not possible, at what point does that reach the realm of possibility, would the human race have to reach supra-Darwinian evolution?

Assuming that it would be possible, after determining far away planets, or solar systems , are inhabitable, and cannot support life.  Would it be beneficial to establishing a “buoy planet” there or another form of biosignature that may attract other life?  The concept of dyson sphere’s were mentioned in class. This is not a topic I understand and would appreciate other students discussing this further. At what scale are humans able to replicate a bio signature to that of a dyson sphere, are there any theoretical ways of replicating a fake signal to look close enough to be a “flag” or other life.

I believe that through understanding what is possible, or still in the realm of theoretical, that what humans can project out into the universe could help in constraining searches for what is out there, as well as organically evolving that understanding through the information that is gathered and vice versa.

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