Since the beginning of time man has wondered what our origins are. By digging into the complexities of where we really come from, we find ourselves clueless and mostly lost. It is not known for sure, even with scientific approaches, how we originated. However, this also leads us to wonder if there is a higher being pulling the strings around us and being in complete control of reality and life itself.


Religion is the first approach one should take to analyze this question. This higher being controlling our lives and existence can only be explained as merely someone extremely powerful and supreme. The big bang theory, for instance, does not really encompass the magnitude and the size of the universe in my opinion. It is to say that some “cosmic dust” floating in non existent matter held so much energy that caused and explosion and “boom!” life was created and billions of stars were formed. Amongst these starts, particularly one stands out from the rest; around this star a solar system is formed in which this small planet called earth orbits. Did this supreme higher being create this explosion? Out of all these planets and billions of starts, is earth the only one that is capable of producing “life”? The thought of having this higher being that created us in this universe to be alone in it is overwhelming.


Perhaps, as humans we are only capable of understanding so much and our mental and intellectual capacity cannot answer such a complex question – where do we come from? Mathematical models have tried to interpret our origins. For instance, Tegmark states that “our physical world is an abstract mathematical structure[1]”. We are perhaps a part of a world that lives by certain codes and algorithms. We are perhaps just a player in a game. It is also extremely overwhelming to believe that we are part of a big mathematical structure. Though again, we spiral downwards into the same question. Is a higher being controlling this?


One would say… “Wait! There must be something holding everything together”. Mankind has made progress and has given scientific definitions and explanations to phenomena that we experience everyday. Phenomena like rain, snow, tidal waves, etc… we have been able to pin point their exact causes and origins. Furthermore, we continue to develop this curiosity by exactly finding out the causes of all these phenomena. I believe that the further we go out in space and discover other life forms, the more we can find out about our origins. But the very question of if someone or something is holding everything together is beyond our reach. And it is not just a religious question, it is also a philosophical, scientific and even moral question.



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I like the broad perspective you take on this. The overarching look at the structure of reality itself is intriguing. 

As far as things to improve, I think most of what you did in this post was reiterate age old questions and you seem to imply the fallacious answer to them of "it's unlikely, therefore god". I may be misinterpreting your writing but it seems you have not considered that the universe had to happen this way or we would not be here to observe it as such.


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