When it comes to intelligent life or any form of life, humans have been curious as whether it can be found anywhere other than Earth. We build telescopes to allow us to view space from a distance to spot stars and planets. We build rockets and spaceships to reach the stars. There are space probes that were sent to Mars with the hope of discovering some form of life. Satellites and radio waves are used for monitoring. These tools and resources have all been expended with the hope of finding something. Now the question is why? If something is found what happens next? Do we make contact? How do we make contact? Should we make contact? There are many questions to be answered.

There are reasons to believe that if life were to be discovered that it would be able to possibly provide insight on where humans from. Where do we come from? That’s a question that science has yet to affirmatively answer. It can also help explain how the universe came to be. It can also provide

There is much to gain and lose from discovering extraterrestrial life and making contact. Any discovery and action taken could either have a positive or a negative outcome. Maybe we could find a planet that would be able to support life. If something catastrophic were to happen on Earth to the point that it wouldn’t be habitable, is there a way for humans to migrate to another planet that can support life? There is also a fear that if we were able to discover and contact intelligent life that it can also doom Earth. It can also go the other way where humans ends up benefitting from making contact with any extraterrestrial intelligence.

At end day science continues to advance along with technology but there has yet to be any type of discovery of life outside of earth. Little by little something new is being discovered to open the gates of a possibility of life outside of Earth. Like how Mars could be a suitable home for life. With evidence of an Ancient stream bed there is hope that there might be or have been life on that planet. For us humans, where there is water there is life. That may not be the case for whatever may be out there but it can help motivate us to discover more. 

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The post presents valid arguments. I would have liked to see more analysis and possibly some references backing up your argument. Also some editing is needed as there are some incomplete thoughts and gramatical errors that are distracting from an otherwise interesting post. I also agree that there are tough questions that we need to answer before going barreling into this study. I like your point about finding life helping us uncover the truth about our origins and even the origins of the universe. I also hadn't thought of using it as a backup earth in case our goes bad, however it does present problems when thinking about how we would get to these planets since we can say without too much doubt that any planet within our current reach is uninhabitable. 

I liked the post - it presented quite sound reasoning to it, and helped to answer the question as to why we should seek extraterrestrial life. There is adequate logic in the argument you had put forward, and definitely motivates the idea behind our research efforts.

Also as mentioned in the previous response, the inconsistency in grammar, as well as the unfinished thoughts were although not a huge issue, but it would have been interesting to see where you had gone with it. Perhaps some evidence to support your statements would have sufficed also, particularly where you stated that "there is also fear that if we were able to discover and contact intelligent life...". Supporting it with an example of where that reasoning came from; i.e. who suggested that we should be afraid, or why does it necessarily entail doom? The same point can be argued in the next sentence referring to how we can benefit from making direct contact.

I do believe that it is important to search for intelligent life just because that would help to answer many of the big questions, are we alone? where did we come from? do we have a purpose?  Personally (and I mention this a lot in other posts) I do believe that there is other intelligent life and as star trek says "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations".

This is an interesting point of view that makes two very valid points. On one hand, making contact with a hostile extraterrestrial could prove catastrophic for not only the human race but also for earth itself, the other hand is the complete opposite. In my opinion the risk is completely diminished by the reward. There is no reason that we should limit our technological advances simply for fear of what we might find. 


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