Any thoughts about this paper? Double jeopardy in astronomy and planetary science: Women of color face greater risks of gendered and racial harassment

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Melissa, thanks for letting us know about this open-access paper. It's appalling, but, alas, not surprising, that women and people of color are still dealing with discrimination and harassment. Building and maintaining support networks is an important step toward dealing with these problems. Many times in talking with young women in science, I've told them to call me if they ever find themselves facing these problems, and I mean it. We need to press senior scientists -- managers, PIs, department chairs, men and women -- to be vocal and active in ensuring their workplace environments are not hostile to anyone there. We need to keep talking about these problems and insisting that they must be solved. I know it's easy for me, at age 66, to speak my mind, compared to young people who are new to the science community. We "senior" people need to let young people know that we have their backs.


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