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Mike oals blog number 3 finding life where to search

Blog number #3 Who wants adventure at home or in the unknown if it means a greater chance at finding life! For the longest time mankind ha…

Started by Michael Oals

2 Mar 30, 2018
Reply by Collin Holman

Alien Intelligence?????

              Everyone has their own point of views when it comes to the topic of aliens. It is a work in progress because we have yet to f…

Started by adler lamy

2 Mar 30, 2018
Reply by Dan Ericson

Search for life in or out of our solar system?

Astrobiologists struggle with the choice of committing resources to studying our solar system or studying the rest of our galaxy. Some bel…

Started by Collin Holman

2 Mar 30, 2018
Reply by Dan Ericson

Where Should We Look

          One of the keystone goals of Astrobiology is to find extraterrestrial life.  The search continues, but no positive results have s…

Started by Luke Seiler

2 Mar 30, 2018
Reply by Jordane Raub

Blog 3 - Our Pending Robot Overlords: Why AI is the Next Threshold of Human Evolution

Preface: I found the most recent reading on postbiological evolution to have incredible content but suffered in getting the message across…

Started by Justin Huxel

2 Mar 30, 2018
Reply by Christopher Jon Nelson

A lack of curiosity may be the reason we haven't found life beyond Earth yet.

               Every day it seems we are getting closer to becoming a space fairing species. We have dabbled in space exploration, looking…

Started by Nick Fowler

4 Mar 30, 2018

Is It Ethical? And Do "They" Feel The Same Way?

      A topic recently discussed in class was ethics of alien civilizations.  This is idea has intrigued me, especially since I am a huge S…

Started by Mitchell Drake

4 Mar 30, 2018

Life on Exoplanets

     As technology develops, astrobiologists are now able to observe exoplanets in ways that were unimaginable 10 years ago.  There are mil…

Started by Thomas Melita

2 Mar 30, 2018
Reply by Hunter Ramos

Possible Fixes for Earth’s Boundary Problems

              We have discussed that the whole study of astrobiology has been based on what has been happening on Earth.  Since the industr…

Started by Steven Reale

1 Mar 30, 2018
Reply by Kendalyn Toomey

Neighborhood Watch

The study of exoplanets is a relatively new area of study and has much potential to grow. I made an argument in class claiming that it woul…


2 Mar 30, 2018
Reply by Adrien Pfister


Discussion Forum

Why we should search for alien artifacts in our own solar system.

Started by Kyle Bezold. Last reply by Nick Fowler Apr 1, 2018. 3 Replies

There is a strong case to be made for searching for technological signatures of extraterrestrial intelligence. There is also a sound argument to be made for searching for such within our own solar system despite the low likelihood of one being…Continue

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