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Meet the SAGANet Executive Board

We at SAGANet.org are excited about our vision of a future where everyone shares in the exploration of our place in the cosmos.  We're an entirely volunteer organization, and our leadership team is primarily drawn from the early career astrobiology community.

Contact us at  admins@saganet.org with your comments/ideas!

Graham Lau 

Director, SAGANet.org

Graham Lau is an astrobiologist and communicator of science. Having recently completed a PhD in geological sciences, Graham is now the Director of Communications and Marketing for Blue Marble Space. Graham gives public talks on science at venues such as museums and planetariums. Graham can be followed through his blog, A Cosmobiologist's Dream, or on his personal website, Cosmobiota.com

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Marc Neveu 

Director, SAGANet.org

Marc's research focuses on what makes environments friendly for life (habitable). During his PhD studies and postdoc at Arizona State University, he has looked at habitability both from the "inhabitants" side (what major and trace elements do extreme microbes need?) and the "realter" side (which icy worlds have subsurface oceans with a life-friendly chemistry?). He has also worked in the fields of aerospace engineering and prebiotic chemistry. He does his best to facilitate communication between the disciplines involved in the search for life beyond Earth using SAGANet. 

Other appointments: NASA Postdoctoral Management Program Fellow in the Planetary Science Division / Astrobiology Program at NASA's Headquarters in Washington, DC.

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Svetlana Shkolyar

Director, SAGANet.org

Svetlana holds a Physics bachelor’s degree, a Master of Arts degree in Science Mass Communication, and a Master’s of Science in Space Studies. She is currently pursuing a PhD in astrobiology. Her research interest involves biosignature detection techniques on Mars using laser-based rover tools. She is also working on an education project to enhance science learning in the classroom by creating astrobiology-themed lessons for middle and high school teachers. When she is not thinking about life on Mars or exciting the public about science, she enjoys salsa dancing and performing a different kind of experiment - cooking. 

Other appointments: Postdoctoral Fellow in the Geophysical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution for Science

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