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Mars Helicopter 'Ingenuity' Takes Flight

The Mars Helicopter Ingenuity made the first powered, controlled flight on another planet today. Discover the challenges the flight overcame and the next steps for the mission.

I remember a new fad in the toy business back in the mid-90s. The company behind it was called AirHogs, and they were based here in Canada. My brothers and I were in our 30s and 40s, but we weren’t too old to compare our piloting skills with these fun little gadgets.

Airhogs were a line…


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Lightning strikes have played a part in theories on the origin of life since Darwin. Discover how a new study sheds more light on the role of lightning in bringing life to our planet.

We had just finished dinner, and we were relaxing in the living room of the cottage. Before we even had time to be frightened by it, lightning struck a tree in the front yard, incinerating it.

It was all over before anyone realized what had happened. The tree was about twenty feet from…


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The Big Bang Afterglow is known as the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). Discover how combining CMB data with galactic observations is unlocking the secret of galaxy formation.

I’ve run into counterfeit currency a couple of times. In one case, when I was a travelling consultant, I came home from Nashville with a dodgy US fifty-dollar bill. My credit union sent it off to Ottawa to have it tested, and it turned out to be genuine.

Another time, I handed a cashier a…


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The Universe’s expansion rate, the Hubble constant, is vital to understanding the Cosmos’ origin and fate. Find out how the latest technique for measuring the Hubble constant sheds new light on the past and future.

I was a travelling consultant for about twenty years, and I spent a significant part of that time sitting on airplanes. I was so at home on the planes that I even had a preferred seat.

I liked to sit beside the emergency exit if possible. That row…


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Gravitomagnetism is the energy created by spinning objects in the fabric of spacetime. Find out why it may explain away the mysterious Dark Matter for which scientists have been searching unsuccessfully.

When I first took astronomy back in the 1980s, there was a feeling that most of the mysteries about the cosmos were very…


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Defining Lyfe in the Universe: From Three Privileged Functions to Four Pillars


Motivated by the need to paint a more general picture of what life is—and could be—with respect to the rest of the phenomena of the universe, we propose a new vocabulary for astrobiological research. Lyfe is defined as any system that fulfills all four processes of the living state, namely: dissipation, autocatalysis, homeostasis, and learning. Life is defined as the instance of lyfe…

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Using tried and tested methods of constructing habitats from ethnobotanical and ethnozoological useful species for self sustainability on Mars

To maximize crop yields on Mars it would be advantageous to do away with annuals and biannuals by engineering the latter into perennials as standard. Not only would that entail far less work to grow produce as the act of replanting is made obsolete, but per given cultivated area perennials bring forth more food and materials with less demand from the soil than the equivalent of annuals.

Imagine a superfood annual such as lentils engineered into a lentil tree for which there already…


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Free astrobiology webinars for kids, summer 2020

This summer, Art of Inquiry hosts free space exploration and astrobiology webinars for middle-school students and their families all over the world.

Here is a list of what was covered so far, as well as an updated schedule of webinars:

The search for life in the Universe, Dr. Alex Tsapin, JPL (retired)

The history of SETI, SETIQuest editor, Larry…


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Radiolysis-powered life

This paper greatly extends the possibility of what a Goldilocks zone can be.  Its no longer the Goldilocks zone as a single expanse, its the Goldilocks zones for a particular area

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¿Are the Venusian sulphuric acid clouds the by product of long dead anoxogenic photosynthetic organisms?

I just read the piece at the link below entitled "Study: Life might survive, and thrive, in a hydrogen world."

I'd been thinking on similar lines recently, on different atmospheres with early life, but I was considering anoxogenic bacteria whose byproduct is sulfur instead of molecular oxygen. ¿Had life evolved on Venus could its sulfuric clouds be the signature byproduct of such life with no branches ever evolving to produce the equivalent of Earth's Great…


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100 years tomorrow 26th April 2020 since we looked beyond the Milky Way Galaxy

Exactly 100 years ago tomorrow, the subject on whether this Universe is larger than the Milky Way Galaxy was brought up publicly at an event sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences, known as The Great Debate. Until then the Milky Way was thought to be this Universe.  Conference at the NAS

See this…


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The 5th Mexican School of Astrobiology

I am really glad to invite everyone to the next Mexican School of Astrobiology (aka EMA) which is this August.

¡Anímate a participar en la 5ta Escuela Mexicana de…


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A consortium of representatives of European Research Organisations has taken the initiative to create a virtual institute named the “European Astrobiology Institute” (EAI) with the ambition of enabli…

A consortium of representatives of European Research Organisations has taken the initiative to create a virtual institute named the “European Astrobiology Institute” (EAI) with the ambition of enabling Europe to emerge as a key player in Astrobiology and to…


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AbSciCon session on life in high salt habitats

Abstract submissions are open for AbSciCon 2019!  You can check out the full selection of sessions here, however, I'd like to draw your attention toward the session Salty Goodness: Understanding life, biosignature…


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Important Tips to Writing Good Dissertations

Writing a research paper is a challenging task full of challenges. The process is involving, time-consuming and requires knowledge of several skills. The following tips are, however, essential to help students deliver maximally on their project.

 Consider working in a group: forming a dissertation group may be an important approach to work on a thesis. A research project is an involving and sometimes working on it alone may be discouraging and boring. This may lead to procrastination…


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Expert tips for writing the perfect paper

Teachers expect nothing less than a winning essay from their students, however, submitting an article that meets these standards is tricky. When the bar is set high, some individuals get intimidated by the instructor's expectations. Student’s who do not feel up to the task because they are running out of time can place an order with a professional writing service. The article you compose reflects on your knowledge, therefore, it is essential to have your facts…


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Embracing high-tech solutions for writing problems in Assignment

As an international student pursuing your education in the UK you must ensure that you get quality of education that you are seeking for. You should, therefore, use your time wisely and focus on the obtaining and achieving your goals. At the time you might be overwhelmed by the difference of cultures and diversity in the UK but should not deter you from attaining your academic objectives. You may think that its time you explore due to the freedom you have but you will have limited time to do…


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Associates are Different

Amid fresher's life, every one of them faces with decent variety of assessments inside the grounds group. It isn't outsider, on the off chance that somebody idolizes pizza and abhor for soup. We should get the considering circumstance for instance. In the long run, a few understudies can be dumbfounded with the neighbors who look for "service to do my homework help online" in light of the fact that…


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Space Biotechnology(SB): Research, Development and future perspective

Biotechnology is the applied  and multidisciplinary science. Research and development (R & D)  in the biotechnology  in  space  is  categorised under Space biotechnology. In this time,  biotechnology is categorized into many divisions but five are major. These are(PAMAI):

  1. Plant biotechnology
  2. Animal biotechnology
  3. Medical…

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