Site 2 - Deildarthunguhver in Vesturland

Site 2 - Deildarthunguhver in Vesturland

After the muddy waters of Seltun, I was looking forward to some clearer waters to sample. I got my wish granted at Deidarthunguhver. This hot spring is extraordinary. Water emerges out of the rock bubbling and fountaining furiously at 98C, at the highest flow rate in Europe. 198 liters / second (52 gallons per second)! 

Deildarthunguhver is in Vesturland, about 1.5 hrs drive from Reykjavik.

The Icelandic energy company has taken advantage of this high flow rate and has pumps taking that hot water to heat up the cities of Borganes and Akranes nearly 70 km away. Very cool use of natural resources! 

We were lucky enough that the manager of the company was there inspecting the pumps as all his staff were on holidays. I went to him to explain the nature of our sampling with all the different permits I had (from three different Icelandic organizations!) and he invited us to check out the pumping station!

I was impressed by the huge pipes and pumps, and the cleanliness of the place, and that he could control everything from this one desktop. 

The sampling was easy this time, and the billowing steam hid us from tourists until they were pretty much next to us.

Look at the temperature reading.. boiling!

Water emerging from rock

Hiding from tourists!

Doing science!

The pump allowed to sample the water without danger. Here I am measuring the temperature and conductivity of the water

The joys of filtering clear water :)

See the water fountaining from the rock!

A successful day

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