Everyone have there own opinion about life. Some believe it was created by some supernatural powers /God. And some believe that it was not created, it was an accidental process that is still in existence. 

Does all this really makes sense?  We don't have proof, that how life begin on Earth? Did it really begin here or, was seeded on Earth as in the Theory of Panspermia.  Maybe life began here on Earth by the interaction of molecules as in the Theory of Abiogenesis.  

But everything ends up to one simple question, What is Life?  

It is as complicated as the universe itself.  

Maybe I'm thinking wrong.  But whatever I have studied, I came to a conclusion that we Humans and everything around us is just made up atoms. And atoms are made up of electrons,  protons and neutrons. Everyone knows this.  But what are electrons,  protons and neutrons are made up of?  I have searched a lot and found nothing.  

Then I thought that the whole universe is made up on matter,  space and energy.  

So may be if I'm not wrong,  Electrons,  Protons and Neutrons are simply compressed energy.  Hence,  we all are a form of energy.  Are we?  

Maybe just because of this compressed energy, everything around us have mass.  Maybe,  I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. But I think like that.  

But if we really made up atoms.  Then we all know how atoms behave.  When in an orbital there is lesser number of electrons, atom starts gaining the electron until it becomes stable. Maybe the similar process happens with us too. From Syngamy till our birth the cell replication takes place or I could say from syngamy till our birth we gain energy.  

Similarly to a newly born star,  when the matter around it get combined, the combined matter starts gaining energy around it until it becomes an adult star. Similarly that of humans  when we reach to an age of maturity the growth stops or take a case of atom when it gains all the electrons it needs it becomes stable.  

But after stability, maturity,  the time comes when the reverse process happens.  Let's take the case of a star, when it reaches to middle of its life. It starts emitting the energy it gained so far and ultimately it release all it energy and dies.  It's it the same process happen when we die?  

Is really everything connected or it just seems to be connected?  I don't know. But definitely I'll try to find every answer to my questions. 

Now,  what do you think is Life? 

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Comment by Patrick on April 10, 2018 at 9:13am

Has to defy entropy, even if it eventually loses.  Energy Dependant.  Reproduction (maybe) possible or likely.  Carbon based life typically seems to enjoy the compounding effects of evolution, but carbon based life seems to also fall prey to entropy eventually and this might not always be true with all forms of life.  Synthetic life probably doesn't die and its evolution is (probably, but I'm talking out my butt because who knows) typically willful.

Stars themselves are informationally complex, so are entire biospheres ... Are they alive? 


Fantastic question, I also have no idea

Comment by Andreas Losch on March 19, 2018 at 6:16pm

...an informational complexity phenomenon? (that answer at least I try to approach in my book)


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